Peluda  by  Carlos Lara

Peluda by Carlos Lara


I used to leave you house before we fell asleep / tell you I had to get home before work the next morning / explain that I needed my own bed and hair products / you’d move closer to me / lay an arm over my chest / stay / I would blink at the ceiling / wait until your breathing grew heavy / slide out of bed and into my clothes / order an uber

the night sprawled out before me as I made my way home / to the razor blade in my shower / the hair on my chin growing / a hundred little fingers ready to give me away / ready to show you I am not the woman you think I am / that sometimes I am grizzly / manic / human

one day / I didn’t leave / you said love / I believed it / the sun found me and my bearded chin in your kitchen / stirring oatmeal / you hands on my waist / a soft song playing / so this is what it means to stay